Missing Mother Mysteriously Found Dead In Car


A missing Texas mother was found dead in her car with her three young children still alive on March 31.

Officials discovered Christine Thi Woo’s body in a Target parking lot in McKinney, Texas, NBCDFW reports.

Brandon Woo, Christine’s husband and the children’s father, said they had gone missing a day before he reported it to the police, the Daily Mail reports.

"I kissed them goodbye as I always do, went out the door like I always do, come home that day and they were gone. Not there," he said, adding that his wife left her cell phone at home that day. "Got to the house, no kids, no wife, so I’m thinking, 'OK they may be out at the playground, shopping, somewhere,' so I give her a call, call her [cell phone]. [Cell phone] rings in the other room," he said.

Meanwhile their children, 1-year-old Leah, 3-year-old Nathan and 5-year-old Lauren, were found alive and well, although they’ve been hospitalized for evaluation.

It is unclear what killed their mother, officials say.

"At this point we're conducting an investigation to determine exactly what happened," Sgt. Jeff Inmon said, according to to NBCDFW. "The medical examiner's office, however, will determine the cause of death. We're all saddened by this incident and it's unfortunate but hopefully it'll bring some closure to the family."

Indeed, heartbroken family and friends say they are struggling to understand how this could have happened and how to cope.

"We’re doing all we know how to do right now," said Carol Spencer, spokesperson and senior director of ministries for the church the family attends. "A lot of prayer, tons of prayer for this family. Such a sad situation for all of us our hearts are just broken."

"I wish we had an answer," she added. "We know nothing. We’re all just as baffled as everyone else is. It's just a sad, sad situation and it just breaks our hearts.”

Meanwhile the family privately mourns their loss.

"Thank you for your thoughts and concern for the wellbeing of my family," said Brandon. "We request that everyone please respect our privacy as we focus on healing."

Sources: NBCDFW and Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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