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Mom Returns From Vacation To Awful Surprise (Photos)

Nobody wants to come home from vacation to find nearly a dozen strangers have invaded their home.

Or, that worse, these intruders have brought along even more unwelcome visitors: cockroaches and their pets.

But that's exactly what happened to one mother after leaving her home for 10 days.

Crystal Taylor returned to her Oklahoma home after a vacation only to find 10 squatters, five cats and one dog had moved in, Inside Edition reports.

They had destroyed her property. When Taylor opened her fridge, she founds dozens of cockroaches wandering around.

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"It was a shock," said Taylor, adding that she later felt powerless and furious. "I mean it was. I didn't understand how people could do that."

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The squatters had broken in through Taylor's garage door in the middle of the night.

When confronted, some responded that they had every right to be there.

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Cherie Chewning said she had found the home listed on Craigslist and signed a lease to live there.

“It was the second or third day we noticed our keys didn’t turn,” Chewning said. “I’m sorry I had nothing to do with it. I am innocent in this. I didn’t scam anyone.”

Taylor doesn't believe Chewning.

"Was she dumb enough to go along with it the whole time?" asked Taylor.

Police eventually removed all the squatters, including Chewning.

Authorities warn homeowners to be careful before going on vacation, advising people to let neighbors know they're going.

“Let the people around know that the home is vacant, nobody is supposed to be living in there and if someone does move in, that a contract has been made and that they have authorized them to go in,” Long Beach Police Officer Israel Ramirez warned after squatters also moved into a California couple's home, ABC News reports.

The Mendozas had listed their old home with a local realtor when they stumbled upon squatters living there illegally.

"They had a stove, a refrigerator -- I mean it was like it was their home," said Michelle Mendoza.

"It's not fair," she added. "It's not right. Everyone has to pay their bills, pay their mortgage. I pay mortgage. It's just not right they get to live for free."

Sources: Inside Edition/YouTube, ABC News / Photo credit: Inside Edition/YouTube 

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