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Babysitter Arrested, Charged With Toddler's Murder

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A 31-year-old Staten Island, New York, woman was arrested and charged with the death of a 16-month-old toddler.

Anthony Delgado reportedly died from "blunt force injuries to the head and torso," according to Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson. Delgado's babysitter, Gloria Fields, was charged with aggravated sexual abuse, murder and seven counts of assault.

Delgado was found unconscious in his mother's apartment, and died an hour later at a nearby hospital. His mother, 25-year-old Marta Delgado, left Fields with her son so she could focus on an upcoming move — later receiving a text from the babysitter saying that the boy had fallen asleep during a trip to Manhattan.

Her boyfriend was with her at the time of the trip, police said.

Security cameras captured Fields carrying the baby to the apartment, then his grandmother was seen chasing her down the stairs. 

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Delgado was badly beaten and sexually abused when he was found, authorities said.

"We put together a timeline. We have found that the babysitter took the child with her boyfriend to Manahttan and we are getting video of exactly her whereabouts," Detective Robert Boyce said.

Fields has nine previous arrests, and her 53-year-old boyfriend has 25 previous arrests.

Sources: ABC 7, New York Daily News / Photo credit: New York Daily News 

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