Man Behind Bars For Beating Girlfriend's Dog (Video)


A man from Essex, England, is facing 20 weeks behind bars after he was recorded kicking and beating a dog.

On March 10, 2015, CCTV footage caught 27-year-old Besmur Idrizi violently attacking his girlfriend’s dog, a Staffordshire terrier named Sugar, in an elevator at an apartment complex.

The video shows Idrizi kicking and stamping on the dog while another dog watches and cowers in the corner of the elevator. After the attack, the dog was "covered in bruises" and had a "blood-shot" eye.

"The footage is sickening and the beating inflicted on this poor dog is unbelievable," said RSCPA Inspector Adam Jones during Idrizi’s prison sentence, according to Telegraph.

The footage was released to the Royal Society of the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals. Jones said that the operator of the surveillance cameras contacted the animal rights organization immediately, as she was "horrified" at the footage.

Through an interpreter, Idrizi said that he attacked the dog because he was upset at his girlfriend, who later ended their relationship once she realized what Idrizi had done.  

"Clearly, this is no excuse for treating these dogs like this,” Jones said. "There is absolutely no reason to ever treat a dog -- or any other animal -- with such aggression or violence.”

Idrizi pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the animal. In addition to his 20-week prison sentence, he must pay approximately $420 in costs and $110 as a victim surcharge. He is also indefinitely banned from keeping animals.

In December 2015, the RSPCA urged the public to come forth with information about the attack on another canine, which appeared to occur in Lancashire toward an American bulldog. The organization urgently wanted to identify the man, the dog, and their whereabouts, as they were “extremely concerned” about the animal’s welfare.

"This was a sustained attack on a dog which was clearly petrified and submissive and which had to be picked up and carried down the street afterward,” stated RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Booker

Sources: Telegraph, [2] / Photo credit: Telegraph

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