After Allegedly Failing to Pay Employees, Two Russian Bosses Found Dead


Two Uzbekistani construction workers have confessed to murdering their Russian employers after they were allegedly not paid for more than a month's worth of work. The two Russian employers were pummeled with shovels and then buried in a shallow grave, which was subsequently filled with concrete.

According to reports Timur Priznavsiesa, 30, and Rustam Karimov, 28, were working near the village of Mihailovo-Yartesevskaya in Western Russia where they hatched their alleged plan of retribution.

For more than a month, the two workers were reportedly given excuses by their Russian employers why their wages were not being handed over. One way or another the animosity boiled over, causing the pair of employers to go missing.

The employers' family members reported their disappearance to the local authorities, who in turn went to the construction site to search for their whereabouts.

A police spokesman told reporters, “When we questioned the builders none of them seemed particularly concerned, which raised our suspicions. After a week of intense investigation we eventually got a confession from two of the men who admitted to killing and burying the victims as revenge for not being paid.

According to the confession, the pair of assailants confronted their employers, Constantine Lazarev, 45, and the foreman Artem Bykov, 30, after their shift at work. When the employers still refused to offer up the promised wages the assailants used shovels to bludgeon them to death.

The two employers were then dragged to a wasteland area outside of the construction site. Two shallow graves were quickly dug, with concrete poured onto as to make excavation more difficult. After a week of searching authorities uncovered the graves.

Although the men claim to have acted alone in the plot the spokesman said that there was reason to believe more may have been involved. “We suspect more may have been involved, if not with the exact murder, then at least with its cover up.”


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