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Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey Maybe Not Stolen After All

As the search for Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey continues, new information indicates the jersey may have been packed up in an 18-wheeler immediately after the game.

Law enforcement officers investigating the situation stated they are "hopeful" the jersey was packed with other team belongings into the equipment truck on its way to Boston, TMZ Sports reports. 

Apparently, the truck was not rigorously searched before it left Houston's NRG Stadium and is carrying all kinds of player and team equipment.

The truck is slated to be unpacked in Boston on Feb. 9; police officials will search for the jersey, as well as player James White's game-winning touchdown ball that is also missing. 

"Several" Houston police investigators are looking into the stolen jersey, a police representative said on Feb. 8, USA Today Sports reports. 

Houston police officials are piecing together a timeline of events between when Brady packed away the No. 12 jersey he wore Feb. 5 for Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons in his leather storage bag and when Brady realized it had disappearance a moment later. 

"The investigation is still active and ongoing," Houston police representative Jodi Silva said. 

While no video footage of the locker room exists, Silva said police officials are going over surveillance tapes that covered entryways to the locker room. At the same time, they are seeking the cooperation of news media crews that might have filmed area footage that would help the investigation. 

Investigators say the theft apparently took place in a window of about 10 to 15 minutes.

Brady had taken off the jersey and put on a championship T-shirt before meeting with the media. When he returned to the changing room, he noticed the jersey was no longer in his bag. 

"This is not good," Brady said after searching for the valuable item. "It was right here and now I don’t have it. Not good."

Houston police announced the theft on Feb. 6 and affirmed they were working with NFL security and other  officials in finding both the thief and the jersey. 

"We are attempting to see who was in the locker room at that time because they would be possible suspects," Houston Police Department executive assistant chief George Buenik said in a press conference on Feb. 7. "We are going to look at everybody who had access to that locker room."

Buenik added a reward will be offered for the jersey's recovery and any information identifying the thief.

Sources: TMZ Sports, USA Today Sports / Photo credit: via

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