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After 66 Years of Silence, Joseph Goebbels's Secretary Speaks Out

She remained silent for 66 years, but now the secretary to one of Adolf Hitler's top aides is finally speaking out.

Joseph Goebbels was Hitler's propaganda chief. It was his job to promote the Nazi regime, lie to the German public about the war effort when things turned bad, and to spread hate about Jews. He was very good at his job.

Brunhilde Pomsel was his secretary from 1942 until Nazi rule crumbled in 1945. The Daily Mail reports that she has turned down hundreds of interview requests over the decades. But at age 100, she has finally agreed to talk, sitting down with the German newspaper Bild.

Pomsel said her job was to write down everything Goebbels said, from his private correspondence to official orders. One such order, she said, was to round up Jews in Berlin, making it "Jew-free" to please the Fuhrer.

Yet Pomsel claimed she was stunned, just stunned to learn of the Holocaust.

"I didn't know about the Holocaust. I was a stupid, politically uninterested little sausage of simple means. I only learned about the Jewish extermination program after the war. Goebbels never mentioned it in his correspondence."

She said she spent the last ten days of the war in the bunkers beneath the propaganda ministry. Even in those waning days, Goebbels was pumping out orders. But then came that fateful day.

"On May 1 the news came that The Boss - Hitler - had committed suicide the day before," Pomsel said. "The Russians came shortly afterwards and dragged me from the cellar. I spent the next five years as a prisoner of the Russians in special camps."

Pomsel said it was only after she got out of the camp that she learned of her boss' fate -- Goebbels and his wife murdered their six children by giving them cyanide. Goebbels then shot his wife before turning the gun on himself.

"I will never forgive Goebbels for what he brought into this world, and the fact that he could murder his innocent children in this way," she said.

Yet Pomsel found a way to get by.

"I never believed also that I would have a happy life after working for him. But I found a way somehow."

Well good for her.


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