After 4-Day Kidnapping, Kienan Hebert, 3, Returned Home

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Three-year-old Kienan Hebert, of Sparwood, British Columbia in Canada, was returned to his parents after being kidnapped for four days. On Saturday, his parents Tammy and Paul Hebert made an emotional plea to the suspected kidnapper, Randall Hopley, and apparently it worked. Here is the odd part: Within 12 hours, the young boy was returned inside his house -- without any trace of the kidnapper.

Hopely has not yet been found, and it's not yet clear how police know that Hopely is indeed the kidnapper.

BC Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Dan Moskaluk told the National Post that he had never seen a missing child case end well in 26 years: "He appears to be in good general health. I truly want to smile about this because it’s not very often that these types of things happen in these types of investigations, frankly."

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Moskaluk would not say whether the Hebert home was under surveillance when the child was returned: "With respect to the (suspected) abductor placing the child back in the home undetected, is a very chilling prospect."

Police are still searching for Hopley and his car, a 1987 brown Toyota Camry. They have set up road checks on roadways leading in and out of Sparwood in effort to find the suspect.

The Hebert family has not issued a comment since their son's return.


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