Woman Finally Identifies, Locates People In Photo Found At Ground Zero

A woman who has been searching for information regarding six people in a photo found at Ground Zero has finally found the answer she sought for 13 years.

Lesley University assistant professor Elizabeth Stringer Keefe was given the photo by a friend who discovered it at Ground Zero in 2001. Ever since, she has been trying to identify the six people in the photograph, living or dead.

Locating them was not an easy task; it spanned 13 years and required posting the photo to social media each and every year on the anniversary of 9/11.

This year, in what Keefe tweeted as “lucky 13. #911photo,” her determination payed off thanks to the workings of the Internet, reports BuzzFeed.

The image went viral when Keefe posted a scanned version of it to Facebook and Twitter.

“Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT,” Keefe’s tweet read.

It was retweeted more than 58,000 times and a Reddit page was created for users to help locate the owner.

“I feel like people are giving it the exposure it needs to get the right set of eyes on it. Twitter has literally taken it up. I think that it could be the year that it gets back to the owner. I hope so,” Keefe said to Boston Magazine. “I never anticipated the overwhelming interest in it. I’m just so shocked. But it’s great, I’m thrilled. I would like to give it as much exposure as possible.”

It worked.

Fred Mahe, formerly of New York City who now lives in Colorado, responded to Keefe via Twitter and they later spoke on the phone.

“I KNOW THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE! I was at the wedding,” Mahe tweeted to Keefe.

The photo belonged to Mahe, and was lost on 9/11.

“The picture was at my desk in the World Trade Center, Tower Two, on the 77th floor,” Mahe said. “The picture has been kept safe by [Keefe] for the last 13 years.”

The photo was taken at a friend’s wedding in Aspen, Colorado, in 2001.

Keefe’s quest has ended on a happy note as Mahe confirmed all six people are alive and well.

Photo Source: BuzzFeed


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