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After 13 Years, Law Enforcement Still Resists Medical Pot


While California’s citizens and legislators maybe at the vanguard of America’s progressive cannabis policy-making, unfortunately many in the law enforcement community in the Golden State are still uncomfortable with, and resistive of the will of the voters (their employers) when it comes to physician-sanctioned, patient access to medicinal cannabis.

A ‘white paper’ released to California law enforcement (including prosecutors) in late April by the California Police Chiefs Association is just now being seen by the general public and the cannabis law reform community, and the paper once again reinforces the clear intent of the law enforcement community to continue leading the charge in maintaining the status quo of cannabis prohibition.

By any fair measurement, law enforcement is unrivaled in serving as one of the five pillars of cannabis prohibition.

Read the CPCA report here.

In response, later this summer, the NORML Foundation will publish a definitive legal guide to medical cannabis for practicing lawyers–with the secondary goal of providing copies of the guide to all of the public defenders’ offices in California–and medical cannabis dispensaries


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