Male African Soldier Sexually Assaulted by Women for Five Days and Left for Dead


A soldier looking for a ride to the city of Mutare, Zimbabwe, was allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted by several women, who held him captive for five days before dropping him at a mountain range and stoning him.

The soldier, 25, said he was picked up by a Mercedes Benz containing two women and one man. He said they drove for about an hour, before the driver diverted from the route to Mutare. He was threatened with a knife when he asked to be dropped off.

“After diverting from the route, the complainant asked where they were heading to and they told him they were going to get some food,” Assistant Inspector Nuzondiwa Clean, a Manicaland police spokesman, told NewsDay.

“The soldier requested to be dropped, but the driver produced a knife and threatened him with it. One of the female passengers blindfolded the complainant with a black cloth.”
Clean said the suspects took the soldier to an unknown house where they undressed him, stole his phone, and took $35.

He was held captive from April 19 to 23. Several times he was ordered to be intimate with one of the women.

Tuesday morning, he was blindfolded and taken to the Dangamvura Mountains, where the suspects stoned his left foot, severely injuring him before driving off at high speed, Clean said.

The soldier filed a complaint at the Sakubva Police Station. Investigators in Mutare are hunting for the suspects.

Sources: NewsDay, Daily Mail


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