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African American Man Found Hanging From Tree In Georgia, Cause Of Death Not Determined

A Greensboro Police Department spokesperson said that police found a man hanging from a tree in Greene County, Georgia, on Monday morning. My Fox Atlanta reported that Roosevelt Champion III, a 43-year-old African American man, was found hanging just after 11 a.m.

Police said that he was found in a lightly wooded area behind a home. Police said a resident noticed the man hanging from the tree and called police. He was found dead but the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had not determined a cause of death.

NBC News reported that Champion was recently questioned during an investigation of a white woman’s death.

Greensboro Police Chief Ossie Mapp said that he was hanging from straps that are used to secure cargo during shipment.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Joe Wooten added that Champion’s feet were lightly in contact with the ground and that his knees were slightly bent. He explained that this suggested he was not lifted into the tree.

Wooten concluded, "I understand that there is a lot of concern in the community because the victim was a black man who was hanged in the Deep South. Because of that, we're going to be as transparent as we can be."

Sources: My Fox Atlanta, NBC News / Photo Source: My Fox Atlanta


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