Afghan Woman Sets Her Husband On Fire After Being Raped By Neighbor

An Afghani rape victim set her husband on fire after he failed to do anything about her sexual assault.

According to a New York Times report, a woman named Zahra was raped in her home on May 23 while her husband was at work. The man who raped Zahra was a neighbor, and when her husband got home, she told him about what happened. Zahra reportedly begged her husband to move them out of the area so that their family would be safe. Her husband Najibullah refused, and that’s when she had finally had enough.

Not long after being raped, Zahra grabbed a bottle of kerosene, poured it all over her husband, and set him on fire.

Now, Najibullah is recovering from his injuries and says that his wife is mentally ill. Zahra says that her decision to set her husband on fire came after his refusal to protect her, but a number of past incidents had finally come to a head, including years of abuse. Zahra says that on one occasion, her husband set her on fire to induce a miscarriage.

“I used to say to him, ‘You are fine when you beat me and when you choke me, but you’re sick when you need to work to feed my children,’” said Zahra.

The New York Times points out that since the United States invaded Afghanistan, women in the country have shifted their expectations when it comes to police protection. Police departments in the country have even started to hire female officers that can better assist victims of domestic abuse.


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