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'Affluenza Teen' Dad Guilty Of Pretending To Be Cop

Fred Couch, the father of a North Texas teen whose defense team blamed "affluenza" for his DUI accident that killed four people, has been sentenced to a year of probation after being found guilty of impersonating a police officer. 

Couch, 51, was charged in September 2014 with falsely representing a reserve Lakeside police officer -- a Class B misdemeanor, the Daily Mail reports. 

The charge is linked to an August 2014 incident when he went to the home of resident Keith Capo with a neighbor to talk about a disagreement that had taken place days earlier, KXAS reports. Couch was armed with a gun.

Police officers who were called to the scene by Capo's wife spoke with Couch, whom they claim presented a badge and an identification card as a reserve police officer after telling police he had his "police stuff in the truck."

The officers at the scene researched Couch's claim and found he was not an officer with the City of Lakeside and that he had never been licensed as a police officer in the state of Texas. 

Capo expects Couch to pay the consequences for his actions, like everyone else. 

"I just hope he understands that you can't sit there and say and do whatever you want, just because you got more money than anybody else. I mean, that's not right," Capo said.

Couch was sentenced to 120 days in county jail on Dec. 15, which was converted to one year of probation; he will only serve time in prison if he is found guilty of another charge or if he doesn't honor the probation.

Couch's son, Ethan, was drunk and driving a pickup truck when he crashed and killed four people, while injuring many others, in June 2013. 

The "affluenza" defense, which commanded the attention of the nation, maintained that a lack of parenting was to blame for a condition of having no sense of responsibility for his actions. 

Ethan was initially given a 10-year probation sentence when he was tried as a juvenile. His case was subsequently moved to adult court, wherein he received a two-year jail sentence. 

The mother of Ethan and Fred's ex-wife, Tonya Couch, was charged with obstructing the apprehension of a felon and money laundering in connection with the "affluenza" case. 

Sources: Daily Mail, KXAS / Photo credit: KTRK

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