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'Affluenza' DUI Crash Teen's Drug-Fueled Life Revealed In Deposition

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Newly-released deposition footage revealed that Texas teen Ethan Couch, responsible for the fatal "affluenza" DUI crash that killed four people, lived a privileged, drug-fueled life before the deadly killing.

Ethan, along with his mother, father and a psychologist, appeared in deposition video for a lawsuit filed by one of the 11 teens injured in the June 2013 crash near Fort Worth, Texas, according to ABC News. 

“I've taken Valium, Hydrocodone, marijuana, cocaine, Xanax and I think I tried ecstasy once, pretty sure that was it,” Ethan revealed in his testimony. He admitted that the only thing he remembers from the night of the crash, during which he had three times the legal alcohol limit in his system, was “waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed.”

Ethan was able to avoid jail time after he pleaded guilty to four counts of intoxication manslaughter and two counts of intoxication assault. He was sentenced to 10 years of probation, as well as a stint in rehab.

Psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller attributed the word “affluenza” to Ethan during the trial, saying that his parents, Tonya and Fred Couch, spoiled their son so much that he couldn’t tell right from wrong, NY Daily News reported. 

“I don’t even know that I believe affluenza is real,” Fred said during the deposition, adding that he “never” told his son to disregard rules. The parents argued that they once punished their son for an unrelated summons months before the crash by making him walk to work for a month. Ethan, however, said he never had to walk to work. 

The crash occurred in Ethan’s father’s pickup truck, when it ran off the road and into a group of people assisting a stranded driver on the side of the road.

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