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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly? Brothers Live with Mom, Fight Over Loud Sex

The word "loser" is tossed around casually in our society, sometimes unfairly. But what do you call two thirtysomething brothers who still live with their mom and battle like children? You guessed it.

Shane and Christian Crawford live with their 63-year-old mother in Bradenton, Florida. One night last week, Shane, 33, was having sex with his girlfriend in his room (at least they have their own bedrooms).

Maybe Christian, 31, was jealous that Shane had a real girl in his room, making him a little less of a loser than he is. However, the official word from the sheriff's report was that Christian thought the amorous pair was “making an excessive amount of noise.”

The two brothers argued, and as it often happens between warring brothers, it quickly turned physical. According to the report, Christian threw an ashtray at Shane, cutting his cheek. Shane (his mug shot is on the left) retaliated by punching his little brother five times in the head.

The Crawford boys were arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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