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Adrian Laroze Briskey Shoots Michelle Shepherd Dead Because of Alabama's Loss in Iron Bowl Football Game

A woman in Alabama has been charged with murder after shooting another woman because she wasn’t upset enough over Alabama’s loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl game.

Police say that 28-year-old Adrian Laroze Briskey overheard 36-year-old Michelle Shepherd talking to others outside of an apartment complex on Monday night about the Crimson Tide’s loss to Auburn. Shepherd, who, like Briskey, was an Alabama fan, had joked with some friends that the loss wasn’t as bad as if the NBA basketball team Miami Heat lost a game.

This comment infuriated Briskey who, according to Shepherd’s sister Nekesha, pulled out a gun after overhearing the joking.

“She said we weren’t real Alabama fans because it didn’t bother us that they lost,” said Nekesha to the Associated Press. “And then she started shooting.”

Shepherd, a mother of three children, was shot and killed by Briskey outside of the apartment complex. The two women were both guests at a party and watched the game together, but did not know each other prior to the incident.

“It was over a football game,” said Nekesha Shepherd. “I'm never going to forget it because she died in my arms.”

Police say that Briskey is in custody and that alcohol could have played a part in the homicide. Investigators are still waiting on toxicology reports to determine if that was indeed the case.


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