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Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Becomes Viral Sensation After Gardening Accident (Video)

Despite losing his front legs to a weed whacker, Mercury the cat is living life to the fullest.

Mercury weighed just a little more than five ounces when he was found in September 2013. His eyes were still shut, his front legs were missing, and all but one toe on his back legs was intact.

The family who took him in originally thought they would give Mercury up for adoption, but now they “simply cannot part with him.”

"We believe he was hit with a weed whacker since people in the neighborhood had been doing yard work in tall grass shortly before he was found," the family wrote on Mercury’s Facebook page.

The tabby has learned to shuffle around the house on his back legs, much like a Tyrannosaurus rex. He holds his own with the other cats and uses his back legs to jump and push.

He has more than 11,000 Facebook fans and over 100,000 views on Youtube.

“For people that think that Mercury is sad, needs to be put down, or that keeping him alive is cruel, please simply leave, as this page is about celebrating a kitty overcoming adversity,” his family warned. “Mercury absolutely loves life, and has the most inquisitive personality.”

The family hopes to get him a front wheelchair when he’s all grown up.

Sources: Metro, New York Daily News


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