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For "Ms." Soon to be - Bullock!  The U.S.Federal Government adopts West Africans randomly.  Allowing West Africans to enter into the U.S.A. under previous U. S. Presidents policy.   What is so unique about Ms. Bullock adopting a universal culture baby.

Ms. Bullock can provide not only love to the child. Ms. Bullock can provide 'Will Smith' type of financial means to the child as well.   On the other hand, U. S. Federal Government - well we all know how the U. S. Federal Government functions.

Splendid for Ms. Bullock!

Ms. Bullock if you like to get to the next level... I'm available!.. Ha,Ha,Ha...

Tyrone / Tyrone_28@Excite.Com 05-07-2010 17:21:37


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