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Adopted Dog Attacks 2 Children at Family Home

Sally Fuentes adopted Tyson, described as an American Bulldog, only three months ago. On Sunday afternoon, the dog suddenly attacked two children in the family.

Alison, 9, said the attack started outside the home a in the 600 block of North Maple Street in Lancaster, Ohio, after Noah threw a snowball at one of his siblings.

“I was trying to get (the dog) off of (Noah) and my mom helped me, then he came after me,” she said. “Noah ran to the car dripping blood and I ran inside,” the little girl said.

Both siblings were admitted into Fairfield Medical Center and subsequently transferred to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, according to the Marion Star.

“Noah has stitches and a drainage tube.” Fuentes said, adding that the dog also tore through his muscle.

Allison sustained more severe injuries. “They had to operate on both of her arms. There were holes in her arm,” Sandra Fuentes said.

Neighbors came over to help contain the dog, as Fuentes called Lancaster police. When officers arrived, Tyson was very aggressive toward them and they used a Taser after he charged one officer and tried to bite his leg.

The Fairfield County Dog Warden was called to impound the bulldog and place him under quarantine “to ensure rabies wasn’t a factor,” the Marion Star states.

“They’re putting him down (today),” Sandra Fuentes said.

Noah, a 7th-grade Bloom Carroll student, said he is afraid of large dogs as a result, but will miss the family pet. “I’m going to kind of miss the dog, but he did hurt us,” he said.

The Fuentes family got Tyson from a family in Pleasantville that also had children. They said the “lacked space” to care for the dog.

The family told Sandra Fuentes after the attack that in the three years they owned him, they had never seen aggression from the dog. They said they were sorry they “re-homed him.”

“He just snapped,” Fuentes said. “I was hitting him in the head with a rock to get him to stop and it didn’t even faze him.”

Fairfield County Dog Warden Todd McCullough said when the dog was brought in to the Fairfield County Dog Shelter, it continued being aggressive and workers were unable to remove its leash.

Source: Marion Star


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