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Officer Fired After Leaving Daughter In Car

A Long Beach, Mississippi, police officer has been fired after leaving her 3-year-old daughter in her car for four hours, resulting in the girl's death.

Cassie Barker, 27, was visiting the home of her shift supervisor, Clark Ladner, 36, when the incident occurred Sept. 30, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Barker said she only intended to spend a few minutes there so left Cheyenn Hyer strapped in her seat in the patrol car.

Both officers had just completed a night shift and Ladner took a sleeping aid to fall asleep. Barker also fell asleep and woke up four hours later.

She ran out to her car and found Cheyenn unresponsive. Ladner began giving CPR and then called 911.

It has since been reported that Barker left Cheyenn alone in her vehicle before. On April 6, 2015, a passer-by spotted the 2-year-old in Barker's car while the police officer was shopping.

Barker was suspended without pay for a week following that incident.

'When I learned of this event, I was stunned that a parent would do that and that it was not the first time,” Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said in the wake of Cheyenn’s death, the Sun Herald reported.

“In this investigation, we’ve gotten some good cooperation, including from some folks at DHS,” he added.

Barker was taken to a hospital for treatment following Cheyenn’s death because she threatened to self-harm.

Chief deputy Don Bass confirmed Oct. 5 that Barker would be charged with manslaughter.

Ryan Hyer, Cheyenn’s father, was angered by the latest information.

“That was a tell-tell sign that something was wrong and if I would have been notified or somebody else would have been notified or if she lost custody of Cheyenn then, then my daughter would be alive today,” Hyer said of the April 6, 2015, incident. “I wouldn’t have lost my child.”

He expressed his frustration with the way the incident had been handled.

“If this would have been me or you or somebody else, the situation would have been totally different,” he said. “We would have been in jail. Records wouldn’t be expunged. My daughter would still be here.”

A warrant was issued Oct. 6 for Barker’s arrest. At approximately 3 p.m., she turned herself in and was detained on a bond of $50,000, the Miami Herald reported.

Sources: Sun Herald, Miami Herald/ photo credit: Daily Mail

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