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Adam Keene Pleads Not Guilty After Sending Young Son To Maine Day Care With Loaded Gun

A Maine man whose 4-year-old son brought a loaded gun to day care has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor reckless conduct.

Adam Keene apparently placed the loaded weapon in his son’s day care bag when bringing it into the house and forget he had done so, said Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney, according to The Raw Story.

Maloney thinks Keene's acts were unintentional, and he was not charged with a felony.

Keene legally owns the gun, which had a round in the chamber and the safety activated.

Police say an employee found the semi-automatic handgun in a bag that Keene’s son brought to a day care center in Hallowell, Maine, back in April.

“We were in denial,” said the day care owner Elizabeth Rollins. “We wanted to believe it was a toy gun. But it was real. I’ve put a lot of time into talking to parents about the incident, and making sure that my kids, and theirs, are protected. We’ll be happy for some closure.”

Keene’s lawyer said while the situation was "scary," he is not convinced a crime was committed.

Maloney said she chose not to pursue felony charges because she believed the incident was an accident. She reportedly said that the state had extended a plea offer to Keene, who has not yet responded to it.

Sources: The Raw Story, Portland Press Herald


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