Ad for a Line Cook Includes List of 44 Demands, Including Showing Up to Work Sick

An ad for a line cook that was posted on Craigslist has went viral after it included a list of stringent demands, like responding to the chef with "Yes, Chef" or "Oui, Chef" and always showing up for work even when sick.

The ad was for a line cook at FARMBloomington in Bloomington, Indiana. There was a total of 44 requirements for the line cook. The ad has since been removed after it received much negative attention.

Included on the list of demands is never calling in sick, never complaining and happily working several double shifts in a row without a day off.

"You always show up for work, even if you're sick as a dog. Let the chef see you're really sick and send you home," the ad read.

"You never complain - especially about things the chef can't control like customer requests, the hours the restaurant is open, how busy or slow it is, etc."

Harry Shafer, the general manager of the restaurant, said a sous chef posted the ad without reading it. 

"It was taken down as soon as we were aware of the negatives listed. I promise that the ad does not reflect the kind of business we run," Shafer said.

Shafer said the part about sick employees was true, because they require all staff come to work even when they have an illness. 

"'Sick' associates are most often just hungover, so it is our policy that the managers decide if they cannot work," he said.

He insists his staff are paid well and enjoy their jobs, as they pay time-and-a-half if they work over 40 hours and receive gift cards as bonuses.

"Although we do run a tight ship and a very professional kitchen, I promise you our staff enjoys themselves while they are here (at least as much as someone can while working)."

Sources: Daily Mail,Fox News


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