Actress Olivia Wilde Causes Controversy By Posting Naked Picture Of Son To Social Media


31-year-old actress Olivia Wilde received a mixed response from followers after she posted a naked picture of her 1-year-old son to her Instagram account.

Wilde published the image, which showed the child naked and wearing a cowboy hat while on a family holiday in Hawaii, Daily Mail reported.

Wilde thought it was an innocent picture, captioning it “naked cowboy.” But not everyone agreed.

“This is not a picture for social media, because unfortunately there are perverted people out there and these pictures could end up on child pornography websites,” one of her followers wrote, according to Daily Mail.

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“More people will 'like' that than you wish. Your naked child is nothing [to] upload [on] the World Wide Web, where it stays forever,” another added.

Reacting to the criticism, Wilde added a comment to the caption which states, “Apparently unsuitable for those unaware that humans have butts.”

Many others have extended their support to Wilde and the picture has secured over 25,000 likes.

“Beautiful pic of an adorable little one communing with nature as nature would have it. Negative folks seriously need to get a life,” read one of the favorable comments.

Another supporter congratulated her for not taking it down after the disapproving responses.

“The pure innocence of a child. This is a beautiful photo.Bravo for keeping it in your Instagram,” they wrote.

19-month-old Otis is Wilde’s first child, and she recently spoke about how she is enjoying being a mother.

“I’m more and more excited to be a mother, and to be his mother because I think he’s a wonderful little person,” Wilde told People.

“He is becoming a little individual and his personality is starting to emerge and it’s amazing,” she added.

Wilde is already looking forward to how Otis will respond to the holiday season in the future.

“I hope that my son ends up equating the holidays with the need to give back more than any other time of the year,” she told People.

Sources: Daily Mail, People/ photo credit: Daily Mail

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