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Actress Mary Tsoni Dead At 30 (Photo)

Thirty-year-old Greek actress Mary Tsoni was found dead in her apartment on May 8.

The circumstances of her death are unclear. Variety reports Tsoni was found dead at home after she called the police.

Actress and friend Lewsha Camille Simboura discovered her body, according to the Hollywood Greek Reporter.

Although the cause of death has been not been reported, Simboura suggested that Tsoni may have been sick. It's not clear if the illness was mental or physical in nature.

"Can’t believe I just found Mary Tsoni dead on the 5th floor," wrote Simboura on social media. "RIP. Sorry I didn't come sooner. Maybe we could have saved you. I felt guilty, as I watched James perform CPR. I should have tried to help you with your sickness…."

Tsoni attracted international attention for her role in Yorgos Lanthimos’ film, "Dogtooth."

The movie was nominated in 2011 for the best foreign-language Oscar.

In the film, Tsoni played the role of Christos Stergioglou and Michele Valley's daughter, one of their children who was kept isolated from the world.

It was a performance that won her the best actress prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The actress also performed in a number of other works, starring alongside Billy Zane in the 2009 comedy "Evil: In the Time of Heroes."

Social media users expressed sorrow over the news, while many wondered if Tsoni suffered from severe depression and took her own life.

"She has sadness written all over her face," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Poor girl," wrote another person. "Life is too beautiful to give up. Hold on, something good is always around the corner...."

Others criticized Simboura for posting on social media about the death.

"I have never understood why when someone dies, other people's reaction is to first go on social media to spill all the details about the death," wrote one. "'Can''t believe I just found Mary Tsoni dead on the 5th floor. RIP,' just sounds like any other caption about any other everyday thing. Very crass."

"My thoughts exactly whilst reading her comments," agreed a second person. "Disrespectful and it sounds a bit like gloating about the fact that she was the one to find her. Woe is me."

"You find your friend, lying on the floor of her apartment.......dead....... what do you do?" wrote a third on PlayGround Plus' Facebook post about the death. "Post it on Facebook of course!! Why? Because Facebook is so important! tsss."

Sources: Variety, Hollywood Greek Reporter, Daily Mail, PlayGround Plus/Facebook / Photo credit: Laura Lee Moreau/Visual Hunt, Kino International/IMDB

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