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Actress Lara Flynn Boyle Drinks Whiskey In Car (Photos)

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle Drinks Whiskey In Car (Photos) Promo Image

Photos of actress Lara Flynn Boyle drinking from a bottle of whiskey while sitting in the driver's seat of her car have surfaced online.

Boyle, 47, who is best known for her role in the hit TV series "Twin Peaks" in the 1990s, was photographed with her mouth on a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label while sitting in her car on Feb. 13, the Daily Mail reported.

The actress was not very discreet while taking a sip of the whiskey as she sat in the driver's seat of her car. Although she was donning a gray cap over her eyes, she did have the windows partially rolled down.

Boyle reportedly lit a cigarette before driving off.

Several social media users commented on the photos. While some appeared concerned for Boyle's well-being, others were not so considerate.

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"It’s pretty evident that she has a serious health problem due to, presumed excessive alcohol consumption," wrote one user on the website Post Radar. "Tragic indeed."

"Maybe someone should ask her how she's doing, rather than being quick judging her," wrote another.

"Omg she was so beautiful she is just not happy, so sad," observed one user.

"One way to celebrate Valentines day," quipped another.

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Under California law, it is illegal for drivers or passengers to consume alcohol while in a car, regardless of whether the vehicle is in motion or parked. Such instances would be classified as unlawful consumption.

The Liquor License Act also prohibits drivers from having an open liquor container in the car, or any alcoholic beverage readily available to the driver.

Boyle previously appeared at the 15th Annual LA County Walk To Defeat ALS in October 2017. She was asked by The Hollywood Reporter if she had ever been mistreated in her acting career, in light of the numerous allegations of sexual harassment facing famed producer Harvey Weinstein.

"Oh, all the time. All the time! It happens all the time," Boyle responded. "I looked at it on two levels: Do I want to flip burgers, or do I want to put up with someone not being appropriate with me? I chose the other side."

"It still stays with you. You still remember things that were not quite appropriate, but you move on and that's all you can do I guess," Boyle continued. "I support all the actresses that have come forward."

When asked how she has been recently, Boyle did not reveal much.

"I'm an actress, nothing is personal. It's all out in the open," she said while laughing.

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