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Actress Bella Thorne Criticized For New Romance

Some social media followers of teenage actress Bella Thorne have criticized her new romance with the YouTube personality Sam Pepper.

Speculation about their relationship began when pictures appeared online, one of which showed the pair holding hands, Daily Mail reported.

In one photo, the "Shake It Up" star stood in front of a mirror which had "You so pretty" written in lipstick on it. Pepper wrote "True" in the Snapchat message accompanying the image.

Another photo showed Pepper leaning against a blue wall.

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"My walls are dope," Thorne wrote in a comment, indicating the picture was taken at her house.

"You cool too," she added.

Pepper has been accused by several women of sexual assault and rape. He vehemently denied the charges.

He has also been associated with a number of controversial YouTube videos, including one where he pretended to murder someone as a prank.

In February 2016, Pepper posted a video alleging that his entire YouTube persona was fake and that most of his videos had been staged.

"Of course, I know in real life that I can't do that, that's why I faked it and I asked everyone before I did it," he said of a video he made in which he groped girls with a fake arm, The Independent reported.

It was Pepper's alleged attitude toward women that caused some social media users to attack Thorne's suspected new relationship.

"Bella Thorne: lolz I'm a feminist haha ya gurl power. Bella Thorne: dates Sam Pepper," wrote one Twitter user, the Mail reported.

"Followed Bella Thorne on twitter then realized she was dating Sam pepper and unfollowed ASAP and threw up a little," added another.

Thorne's love life has been a topic of public gossip among her 14 million Instagram followers over recent years. In late 2016, some accused her of cheating on her ex-boyfriend when she appeared in a photo with singer Charlie Puth.

"I was getting death threats for a hot minute because they thought I had cheated on my ex, which is a total lie," she told People.

Sources: Daily Mail, People, The Independent / Photo credit: Quote Addicts

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