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Animal Shelter Claims Anna Faris Owes It $5K

A California animal shelter claims actress Anna Faris broke an adoption agreement after it says it found her Chihuahua emaciated and homeless wandering outside Nov. 18.

Kinder4Rescue owner Laurel Kinder says the shelter received a phone call from a local vet that the dog had been found wandering around the streets, TMZ reports.

After running the dog's microchip, the rescue was able to trace ownership back to Faris.

Kinder says they tried to contact Faris, but she did not pick up her phone.

The shelter claims Faris owes it $5,000 for breaking an adoption agreement and is considering suing the actress.

Four years ago, Faris reportedly signed a contract agreeing to pay the fine if she ever handed over Pete to somebody else without alerting the shelter, The Huffington Post reports.

Although it is unclear if that is what she did, Kinder accuses her of doing just that.

Such a fine is designed to help the shelter track where the animals are currently living, Kinder explains.

The group has since placed Faris on its do-not-adopt list. Faris will have to prove she had been searching for the lost dog to be taken off the list.

Meanwhile, sources say Faris did not pick up the phone because she is out of state with her husband, actor Chris Pratt. They say she is aware Pete has been found and wants to bring him home, adding she has found a "nice family home" for the dog.

The incident provoked controversy among many on social media.

Some were upset with Faris, while others thought the animal shelter was simply trying to make money.

"She gave the dog away when her contract said to give the dog back to the rescue if she can no longer keep him," wrote one woman on TMZ's Facebook page. "It's negligence on her part and she should be held accountable."

Others disagreed, saying the shelter is to blame.

"They only wanna sue because they found out who she is," chimed in another woman. "Smh. I'm all for animal shelters, but the control some of them put into place is crazy. We stopped by a rescue to pick out a new dog for our family, and once they told us their protocols, we walked away."

Sources: TMZThe Huffington Post, TMZ/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via TMZ

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