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Actor Jason Alexander Blames Gun for Trayvon Martin's Death

Actor Jason Alexander is most well-known for his performance as George Costanza on Seinfeld, but recently he has become a prominent figure for another reason: his strong support of gun control. Alexander regularly lashes out against gun supporters whenever there is a major shooting in the news, and the George Zimmerman verdict is no different.

Alexander went to TwitLonger, a Twitter-inspired website that removes the character count limit, to voice his frustration about the current gun control laws. Alexander does not blame Zimmerman so much as he blames the gun.

“Emboldened by the gun in his pocket, [Zimmerman] exited his vehicle and pursued Martin in some way," Alexander said. "Now we have the end result. Would Zimmerman have pursued if he did not have that gun his pocket? Who knows. I believe he would not. He certainly would not have put himself in a situation where there would be confrontation. The gun in his pocket is what caused this death. Without it, this would not have gone down this way.”

Alexander similarly blasted Florida’s stand-your -ground laws.

“With SYG, the victim's actions die with them," Alexander said. "So we cannot examine anyone's state of mind. In an extreme circumstance, given this current law, I could walk down any Florida street, confront any individual I want and I could shoot them dead. Without witnesses, I could concoct any story I like as long as the motif is 'I was in fear for my life.' And who would be there to deny I wasn't in fear for my life? No one. No one knows the build up, no one knows what I was thinking or feeling.”

Strangely, though, Alexander undermines his own argument.

“I completely agree that a potential victim, fearing for their life and safety or the life and safety of loved ones, MUST TAKE ACTION to defend themselves,” he wrote. Based on the verdict, that is exactly what the jury believes Zimmerman did.

Do you agree with Alexander’s assessment? Or do you think that he has fallen back into his old habits of making ridiculous jokes?

Source: TwitLonger


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