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Actor Jack Blessing Dies At 66

Actor Jack Blessing Dies At 66 Promo Image

Actor Jack Blessing has died at 66.

According to his son Ian, the actor died Nov. 14 at his home in Chatsworth, California. He had been battling pancreatic cancer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I love you, Dad," wrote Ian in a Facebook post, New York Daily News reported. "The last year and a half was a gift to us, as was your entire life. We're the luckiest family in the world. Best of luck in the astral plane. I know you're going to crush it."

"Jack Blessing was a remarkable man, father, and husband," said Ian, according to Deadline. "He lives on through everyone who loved him, and my family and I will be forever grateful for the sixty-six years he gave to this world."

Jack was known for his recurring roles on a number of television shows, including "Moonlighting" and "George Lopez," as well as one-off appearances on shows like "The X-Files," "NYPD Blue," "Home Improvement," "Murder One," and "Judging Amy."

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He also appeared on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "M*A*S*H," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Touched by an Angel" and "The Golden Girls."

His film career included roles in "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," "Heaven's Gate," "Galaxy of Terror" and "Thirteen Days," in addition to voice roles in a number of animated movies, including "ParaNorman," "Antz" and "Bee Movie."

About 53,670 people were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017, according to The American Cancer Society. Of those people, about 43,090 were expected to die from the disease.

Pancreatic cancer reportedly makes up about 3 percent of cancer cases in the United States and is responsible for 7 percent of all deaths from cancer.

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The disease can be difficult to treat, according to Hardin Memorial Health Medical Director of Cancer Care Services Dr. Adam Lye, reports The News-Enterprise.

Treatments for pancreatic cancer can include surgery, ablation or embolization, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, in addition to pain control. Doctors sometimes use multiple treatments in tandem.

"The difficulty with pancreatic cancer is that in the area that it is in, there are a lot of blood vessels and there are nerves and you have to really be able to get it all out and not disrupt all those other vital organs and structures," Lye said, discussing a case of a woman who survived her battle with the cancer.

Jack is survived by his sons Ian and Christopher and his wife of 32 years, actress Lora Staley Blessing. Lora also appeared on "Moonlighting" and has had roles in films including "Risky Business."

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