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Actor Corey Haim Bought More Than 500 Pills Before Death

California officials revealed Tuesday that Corey Haim bought more than 500 prescription pills in the weeks leading up to his death. The 38-year-old actor died March 10 in Los Angeles from what appears to be a drug overdose.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced the latest findings into the investigation of Haim's death. "In a period of 32 days, Corey Haim obtained at least 553 doses of potentially dangerous prescription drugs."

That included 195 doses of the anti-anxiety drug Valium, 194 muscle relaxant Soma pills, 149 doses of the painkiller Vicodin, and 15 Xanax anti-anxiety pills. Brown said a report from the state's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement found Haim bought them from February 2 to March 5.

"It's important for people to understand that legal, prescribed drugs can be just as dangerous as street drugs, and doctor-shopping can deadly," Brown said.

The investigation into Haim's death is part of a larger probe into an organized ring that offered people illegal prescriptions. So far one person has been arrested.

Brown, who is running for California governor, is also looking into the drug-related deaths of Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith and hundreds of other people are he tries to combat prescription drug abuse.

The official cause of Haim's death has not yet been announced, pending the results of toxicology tests.


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