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Tom Arnold Says He Has Video Of Trump Saying 'N-Word'

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Actor and comedian Tom Arnold said he has video of President-elect Donald Trump making racist comments on the set of his reality show, "The Apprentice."

“I have the outtakes to ‘The Apprentice’ where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever,” Arnold told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “I have that.”

Arnold said he hasn't released the video because it was originally made as an inside joke among “The Apprentice” producers and its release could potentially hurt the careers of those producers who weren't supposed to release unapproved video due to a confidentiality agreement.

“Because when the people sent it to me, it was funny. Hundreds of people have seen these. It was sort of a Christmas video they put together. He wasn’t going to be president of the United States,” Arnold explained. “It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children. Oh, this is so funny, this is this guy.”

Arnold said the Clinton campaign made a direct effort to influence Arnold to release the video.

“The Sunday before the election, I get a call from [Arnold Schwarzenegger's] CAA agent, sitting next to [Democratic nominee] Hillary Clinton. They said, ‘I need you to release him saying the N-word,'” Arnold said.

He continued: “I said, ‘Well, now these people -- two editors and an associate producer -- are scared to death. They’re scared of his people, they’re scared of they’ll never work again, there’s a $5 million confidentiality agreement.’”

But Arnold said he didn't believe releasing the videos before the election wold have made much of a difference.

"I think if the people that like him saw him saying the N-word, he’s sitting matter-of-factly in front of there has to be 30 people there, and he’s matter-of-factly saying all of this stuff,” Arnold said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “So I think they would have liked him more, the people. For being politically incorrect.”

Arnold, who has known Trump for decades, said he used to be on friendly terms with Trump until the real estate billionaire became a regular conservative commentator on Fox News who questioned President Barack Obama's citizenship.

“That’s the problem with him, he’s so sweet,” Arnold said. “He would call my house every year, every year to ask me to do the show and I wouldn’t do it. And then once he started the birther thing, I was like, I’m completely out.”

Sources; Hollywood Reporter, KIRO / Photo credit: Tom Arnold/Facebook

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