Actor Aaron Paul Robbed Twice on Set of "Breaking Bad"


Sometimes life imitates art. The actor who portrays meth amphetamine dealer Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s hit Breaking Bad complained of back-to-back robberies on the show’s Albuquerque set.

Aaron Paul lashed out at the show's New Mexico location on Twitter, saying, “I’ve been robbed twice since I’ve been in ABQ shooting Breaking Bad. First time was my car and this time around it was my house.”

“Can’t wait to be back in Los Angeles,” he later tweeted. “It’s so much safer there.”

Paul gave additional details about the burglaries to the Daily News. He said the first incident involved his Land Rover. The second took place on April 1 after a night out with friends. Apparently, Paul returned home to discover his laptop and Ray Ban sunglasses were missing. He suspects an unnamed member of his entourage.

Despite being the victim of two property crimes, Paul was quick to walk back his indictment of Albuquerque. “In all honesty I still love Albuquerque,” he told the Daily News. “I just felt violated in a way. I had this amazing experience in Albuquerque. I love it to death. Unfortunately, I had some pretty bad luck.”

AMC’s Breaking Bad tells the story of a high school chemistry teacher (Brian Cranston) who turns to cooking meth to help secure his family’s financial future after he discovers he has lung cancer. Paul plays his drug slinging protégé with a mood disorder, a role for which he won an Emmy in 2010.

See an interview with the affable actor below:


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