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Activists Hang 'Resist' Banner Near White House


Greenpeace activists hung a giant banner with the word, "Resist" atop a crane overlooking the White House.

The giant orange and yellow banner was hung onto a 270-foot crane blocks away from the White House, reported the Associated Press. Police said seven protesters went up the crane and unfurled the banner.

"The activists from around the country are still in place, calling for those who want to resist Trump’s attacks on environmental, social, economic and educational justice to contribute to a better America," Greenpeace said in a statement, according to USA Today.

Two protesters provided ballast for the banner by dangling from the crane and waved at a passing police helicopter.

“The sun has risen this morning on a new America, but it isn’t Donald Trump’s,” protester Pearl Robinson said in a statement, according to USA Today. "I fear not only the policies of the incoming administration, but also the people emboldened by this election to commit acts of violence and hate. Now is the time to resist."

The action comes one day after Trump dealt a severe blow to environmental activists by signing executive actions to begin construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline, both of which have been protested against by environmental and indigenous rights groups for the potential environmental harm they could cause.

"It's hard to believe how people risk their lives to do this but in a way I understand why," Francisco Vela, who works near where the protest took place told USA Today. 

But the Washington D.C. Police Department was a bit less understanding.

"While we respect everyone's right to protest, today's actions were extremely dangerous and unlawful," they said in a statement posted on Twitter. "Multiple government resources are being tied up, and unfortunately streets are blocked while first responders try to address this matter."

Sources: USA Today, Associated Press via Washington Post, DC Police Department/Twitter/ Photo Credit: Jesse Berney/Twitter

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