Activists Defy Colorado's New Magazine Ban Outside of State Capitol


Gun-rights activists gathered in Denver to openly defy Colorado’s new restrictions on certain types of firearm magazines. The new law bans the sale of new high-capacity magazines that hold 15 or more rounds. Older magazines have been grandfathered, but any new magazine will have to be date-stamped and remain in compliance with the ammunition limit.

The law has sparked outrage among gun owners. Gun stores are now stuck with illegal magazines they cannot sell, gun owners have posted online about their distaste for the new bill and the Colorado-based company, Magpul, recently held a gun rally and giveaway in order to hand out 30-round magazines before the ban took effect.

Gun-rights activists continued the protest in front of the state capitol building by gathering to violate the new law. Protestors brought their own magazines, which of course was perfectly legal. Then, to stick it to the man, the protestors exchanged magazines with one another, which is illegal. Blogger Ironwill, who attended the event, explained that Ryan Teluja, the event’s organizer, exchanged his 15-round 9mm pistol magazine for an AR15 magazine from another protestor.

Teluja then offered to sell a high-capacity magazine for $10, which was gladly accepted by another protestor.

“Everyone was asked to pull out their magazines and start passing them the the left," Ironwill said. "With each pass of a magazine, we were breaking the law. We passed magazines for about a minute and when told to stop, we were informed that magazines we had in our hands now belonged to us. We broke the law about 15 times within a minute.”

This all went down in front of news cameras and police were watching the event “but stayed quite a distance away,” according to Ironwill. Apparently breaking up the protest and arresting people for clearly violating the new law was not worth the effort or the bad press. 

Source: Co-Ironwill


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