Parker Molloy Outrages Many With Claims That 'A Christmas Story' Is Racist


Parker Molloy, a well-known essayist and transgender rights activist, sparked controversy this week after taking to Twitter to point out that classic movie “A Christmas Story” is an example of “institutional racism” and “white privilege.”

In her controversial tweets, Molloy claims that the film, while obviously fictional, paints a picture of the reality for white children compared to the reality for black children. In the movie, Ralphie, the main character, gets a toy gun for Christmas, and as Molloy points out, nobody cautions the young child that he might get shot by police for playing with it. This, as Molloy explains, is in reference to the case of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed by a police officer at close range while playing with a toy gun.

“This is white privilege,” Molloy reportedly wrote. “This is institutional racism.”

Soon after posting her controversial sentiments, Molloy was met with a firestorm of backlash from people who criticized her for looking for racism in a classic American film.

“You are out of your tiny shiny mind,” one user responded. “Did you really get paid to write this, or are you part of some collective hive mind?”

“A bunch of racist Conservative/Libertarian types are really mad about this tweet of mine from earlier,” Molloy responded to the backlash. “Chill out, Conservatives.”

Do you think Molloy’s analysis of “A Christmas Story” went too far?

Sources:Twitchy, Examiner / Photo, Fan Pop


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