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Activist Judges Force Gay Marriage Upon People of Iowa

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By Tony Perkins

As the nation is still absorbing the actions of activist judges in Iowa
that forced same-sex marriage upon the people of that state and
potentially the nation, the faithful in the Hawkeye State are working
hard to persuade the Democratic leadership in the state legislature to
move quickly to protect marriage.

Iowa is a key state in picking our
nation's Presidential candidates every four years, though if the
nation's heartland should go forward with eradicating marriage that
special status might quickly change. Persuading the state Democrats
will not be an easy task.

For over 40 years the state was a Republican
majority state. However, in 2006 and 2008 Tim Gill, a homosexual
billionaire seeking to take out legislators across the United States
who support traditional marriage, flooded the campaign coffers of
Democratic candidates at the last minute, effectively buying the
Democrats a majority in the legislature -- and ensuring that Iowa would
not pass a marriage amendment.

The homosexual activists also have a
close friend in President Barack Obama. On Friday night the President
issued a press release on the Iowa decision saying that he supported
civil unions rather than same-sex marriage but that the states should
decide the matter.

Within two hours the President was forced to change
and re-issue his press release after homosexual activists complained
that the first version did not include the words "equal protection." I
spoke over the weekend to Chuck Hurley, president of the Iowa Family
Policy Council. They are working hard in the state and you can help
them with both prayers and financial support.


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