Activist Critical Of Police Brutality Has A Change Of Heart After Undergoing Use Of Force Training With Local Cops


An activist in Phoenix, Arizona, who has been outspoken about police brutality and excessive force underwent a use of force scenarios exercise with local police officers, and now, he says his perspective has changed.

During recent protests that followed situations in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, and other parts of the country, Jarrett Maupin has led groups to police headquarters multiple times in an attempt to initiate change on a police level.

“We want his badge, we want his gun, we want his job,” Maupin allegedly said during a recent protest regarding the shooting of an unarmed man at the hands of a police officer.

Maupin recently agreed to undergo a standard use of force training exercise with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department so that he could better understand the tough decisions that officers have to make in the moment, and the situations that the activist was put into were challenging.

In the first scenario, Maupin didn’t react quickly enough to a suspect hiding behind cars in a parking lot and was shot.

“When he came to the back of the vehicle and started hiding, I could sense something was wrong,” Maupin admitted to KSAZ.

In the second scenario, Maupin tried to break up an argument between two men that started to become violent. When an unarmed man rushed the activist, he reacted quickly and fired his weapon at the suspect.

“Hey, he rushed me … I shot because he was in that zone, I didn’t see him armed, he came clearly to do some harm to my person,” Maupin explained. “It’s hard to make that call; it shakes you up.”

In the last situation, Maupin was able to successfully detain a suspect on the group, and upon searching him, he discovered the guy was armed with a knife.

Maupin, once outspoken about the use of excessive force of police officers, says his experience has drastically changed his perspective.

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; yes my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds,” Maupin said. “People need to comply for their own sake.”

Sources:The Blaze, Fox 10 Phoenix / Photo Source: The Blaze


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