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Activist Adam Kokesh, Who Called For Armed Protest In DC, Is Inspired by Ghandi

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Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh has asked 1,000 people to march across the Potomac with him on July 4 carrying loaded rifles to protest what he calls governmental tyranny.

“Break whatever unconstitutional law you choose,” Kokesh wrote, calling the march an act of civil disobedience.

Kokesh, who is inspired by Ghandi’s Satyagraha strategy of nonviolent resistance, says he will confront D.C. police peacefully.

Kokesh is known for provocations that draw media attention, as in 2008 when he heckled John McCain at the Republican convention and in 2011 when he hosted an unauthorized dance party in the Jefferson Memorial.

However, even gun advocates believe his newest protest is risky - carrying loaded guns into a district where the act is illegal.

“That’s a good way to provoke something,” Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, said, “and that’s not likely to end well.”

On the Facebook page entitled “Open Carry March on Washington”, Kokesh details a march throughout the capitol, dramatized with a painting of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” and quotes drawn from Thomas Jefferson’s writings. Despite his belief in nonviolent resistance, Kokesh writes that the protest might become violent if “the government chooses to make it violent”.

Over 4,000 people have RSVPed to the march, with proud supporters posting images of their own guns.

“Going to have to peal it away from my cold dead fingers,” wrote one.

Sources: The Washington Post, US News


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