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Alleged Serial Killer Accused Of Killing Three Middle Eastern Men Spotted With 'Kill Kit'

An alleged New York serial killer accused of murdering three Brooklyn shopkeepers of Middle Eastern origins was seen with a “kill kit” before the shooting, jurors at his trial were told on Jan. 27.

Salvatore Perrone, 66, is on trial for murdering the men in 2012 within a five-month time frame, the Daily Mail reports.

Police nicknamed the man “John Doe Duffel Bags” after he was seen carrying a bag in surveillance videos. The video features Perrone outside the store of his second victim, a Jewish man named Isaac Kadare, with what prosecutors now term his “kill kit.” 

There was no video of the murders themselves, as none of the men Perrone is accused of killing installed video cameras in their stores.

 That bag was later discovered behind Perrone's girlfriend's couch. It contained a sawed-off shotgun and a bloody knife.

The alleged serial killer is said to have told Kadare he was a CIA operative paid by Arab men to kill Jews. Perrone told detectives he killed the men to "promote world peace,” reports SI Live. Perrone reportedly then shot and stabbed Kadare -- a father of four -- to death, and later police discovered he was missing $900. 

Perrone reportedly poured bleach around the victim's body and put an aluminum tray on the man's face to cover up the murder.

Perrone is also accused of killing Egyptian Mohammed Gebeli, 65, and Rahmatollah Vahidipour, an Iranian.

“He never had in his whole life one enemy, he didn't have, he was a very kind man,” the widow of one of the victims, Naima Rahmatollah, said.

Police say they believe he would have continued killing if he hadn't been caught, which is why they called Perrone a serial killer.

People who knew Perrone said he was the kind of man who liked to appear tough.

“He was the kind of guy who you could tell had watched 'The Godfather' too many times,” Ben Elchonen, 26, said.
Elchonen said Perrone once acted like he was a retired police officer.

“He acted like a tough guy, but he wasn't at all,” Elchonen said. “He spoke with this heavy Italian accent, but you could tell he was playing a part, playing a role.”

Perrone suffers from a personality disorder. He may face 75 years in prison if convicted.

Sources: Daily Mail, SI Live / Photo credit: NYPD via Daily Mail

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