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Accused Murderer Defecates In Court, Smears Feces On His Face

A man accused of killing his girlfriend’s mother defecated in his jail-issued jumpsuit and smeared the feces on his face during a court hearing on Thursday.

An unbearable odor was reportedly noticed by a witness when she walked past the accused, Bryan Schwartz, 27, and the other inmates to whom he was chained in the jury box.

Schwartz, with feces covering his face like a mask and only his eyes left visible, reports The Times-Picayune, was escorted immediately from the courtroom.

"It happened so fast," a witness said.

"As he walked out, he was just smiling at the crowd," another witness said.

The Daily Mail reports a witness heard Schwartz say “life is like a box of chocolates.”

The hearing took place in Judge Henry Sullivan’s courtroom at the 24th Judicial District in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Schwartz was there awaiting the start of a status hearing in his criminal case. He and his girlfriend, Misty Eiermann, 35, are accused of second-degree murder for the beating death of his girlfriend’s mother, Mary Romano, with a flashlight.

It is unknown whether charges will be brought against Schwartz for the courtroom feces incident.

Schwartz’s attorney, Marquita Naquin, who was not present in the courtroom at the time of the incident, did not respond to requests for comment.

Judge Sullivan rescheduled Schwartz’s status hearing for another day.

Sources: The Daily MailThe Times-Picayune / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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