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Accused Murderer Curses At Judge, Blames Police (Video)

In his first court appearance in Orlando, Florida, on Jan. 19, accused murderer Markeith Loyd cursed at Judge Jeanette Dejuras Bigney and blamed the police for an injury and poisoning the media against him (video below).

Bigney noted that Loyd did not have a lawyer present, and asked him if wanted a public defender, but Loyd declined and indicated that he would defend himself against charges of killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon on Dec. 13, 2016, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

When Bigney began questioning Loyd about his education, legal knowledge and understanding of the proceedings, he grew agitated:

Y'all making up s***, like I just went in there and shot this girl, endangering my family (unintelligible). Y'all portraying this s*** to the news people like I just went there and shot this girl when there were other guns found on the scene.

A gun was pulled on me first, but y'all acting like I just went there and shot her. Her brother got dropped off while me and her were standing there talking. So there was all kinda other s*** that happened before y'all put on the news, "Oh I just went there and shot this girl before my family banged her," so no, I wouldn't--

A voice off-camera asked that Loyd be placed under oath before continuing his recollection, but Bigney said Loyd had already been placed under oath and told Loyd that he was being recorded.

However, Loyd was not finished with his statement:

I'm not finished talking because y'all been making up s*** the whole time. And then y'all make up stuff on my family, lock them up. I work two, three jobs, I work for that money and that's why he gave that money to my daughter. He gave my niece the other half because he didn't give my daughter all of it. That money was not for me.

Bigney set Loyd's bail bonds at the Orange County Jail and told him not to contact certain people.

Loyd responded by blaming the cops for his injured eye, which had white gauze covering it:

They done took my eye. They done broke my nose, broke my jaw, they did all this s***. said I resisted, but I crawled to the mother**** road. So how could I resist? I didn’t resist s***. They just did that s*** and they’re trying to hide it from the news people. But I’m here right now.

When Bigney told prison guards to remove Loyd from the courtroom, Loyd responded with further expletives.

According to NBC News, Loyd was arrested on Jan. 17 after a manhunt that lasted longer than a month.

Loyd is also suspected, but not charged, in the shooting death of Orlando Police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, who reportedly confronted him on Jan. 9.


Sources: Orlando Sentinel, NBC News / Photo Credit: Orlando Police Department via NBC News

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