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Accused Carjacker: 'You Good, I Only Rob White People'

Authorities arrested a Detroit carjacker who reportedly claimed to "only rob white people" after just about every aspect of the robbery went wrong Tuesday afternoon.

The Detroit News reports that 24-year-old Brandon Lamer Williams approached two men sitting in a 2015 Ford Fusion. Holding a gun in each hand, Williams allegedly ordered the men to hand him an Apple Watch, two rings, and a black bag, the FBI said.

Williams aimed his revolver at one of the victims and pulled the trigger three times. It did not fire.

"Get out and leave the laptop," Williams reportedly told the other victim. He cooperated, but Williams hit him in the face with the gun and broke his nose.

Williams tried to drive away, but the car did not cooperate.

A witness approached the car, unaware of the crime taking place and suggested that Williams lift the parking brake.

He pointed a gun at the bystander, who raised his hands in the air.

But Williams did not plan to hurt him.

"Oh, you good, I only rob white people," the suspect said, letting the man go, according to the witness.

The suspect then drove the Fusion a short distance and jumped in another car he had on hand, a Jeep Liberty.

Unfortunately for the suspect, Williams backed into the Fusion and got stuck on the median. A police car approached the parking lot, and Williams was able to escape in the Jeep.

The suspect sped away, going approximately 90 miles per hour, when he hit another car and rolled over several times.
The car hit two utility poles and ejected Williams into the air, in front of the Liberty.

Authorities arrested him and transported him to a local hospital. Officials did not report his condition, but Williams' face was injured badly enough to prevent him from participating in a line up.

Williams faces federal carjacking and firearm charges and faces roughly 25 years in prison.

According to PBS, Williams face 25 years alone for carjacking resulting in serious injury with additional years for using a gun.

In recent years, Detroit has tried to crack down on carjacking by raising awareness of its severity. A recent billboard campaign used the slogan, "Carjacking is a ride straight to prison."

Sources: Detroit News, PBS
Photo Credit: Michigan Department of Corrections via Detroit News


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