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Accused Bank Robber Eats His Own Feces While On Witness Stand (Video)

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A California man accused of robbing a bank took the stand on Wednesday and proceeded to eat his own feces, causing the trial to be sent into recess.

Andrew Gilbertson, who was arrested for robbing a bank in San Luis Obispo in 2013, testified that the Virgin Mary told him to disguise himself and rob the bank. As his testimony continued, he began reaching in his pants, and proceeded to pull out his own feces. He explained to the court that the Virgin Mary also told him to eat the feces and immediately did so. The trial was then sent into recess.

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When the trial resumed later in the afternoon, a mental health expert testified and said he observed Gilbertson hitting his head repeatedly to try and get rid of voices in his head. The expert said Gilbert, who pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, was not on any medication for mental illness.

Gilbertson was previously convicted for sexual assault.

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