Acclaimed Horse, Bucky, Pranced in 26 Rose Parades, Fatally Injured in Auto Accident in Riverside, Calif.


Bucky, the Palomino who pranced his way into hearts at 26 Rose Parades, suffered serious internal injuries on Wednesday, July 3, when the car pulling the trailer in which he was riding swerved into the soft dirt area beside the highway and the driver lost control.

Owner Carol Tennant and Bucky were on their way to the Prescott Frontier Days to participate in the parade when she lost control of her vehicle, she said. The trailer drifted onto the unpaved shoulder of the road, which caused two flat tires that shook the trailer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Riverside County Animal Services Department Lt. Oliver White and Officer John Bush responded to the crash scene on the 10 freeway and worked with Good Samaritans and a veterinarian who was called in to try to save the 30-year-old animal.

As the temperature rose to 116 degrees in the desert area near Blythe, CA, where the accident had occurred, they poured water on Bucky, used fans to try to cool him down and the officer gave him hydration through an IV, the Daily Journal reports.

But brain damage suffered during the accident and internal injuries caused the horse to thrash around violently, and the veterinarian advised that Bucky should be humanely euthanized at the scene due to his injuries, said Owner Carol Tennant.

Sources: Daily Journal, LA Times


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