Abused Son Forced To Eat Carrots Until He Turned Orange (Photos)

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Police arrested a pair of Utah parents on Aug. 3 for allegedly locking their 5-year-old son up in a pest-infested basement without access to food, water, or the bathroom.

Clarissa Anne Tobiasson, 27, and her husband, Brett Tobiasson, 31, reportedly also forced the child to eat only carrots, causing his skin to take on an "orangey" tint, reports KSL.

"[A nurse] reported finding the skin color was because the child was only allowed to eat carrots for every meal," the arrest warrant reads

"The child was required to eat a bowl or baggy of carrots and would not be given anything else to eat or drink until the carrots were gone," the document continued. "If the carrots were not eaten they would be saved for the next meal and then the next meal and sometimes the next day."

His mother says she forced her child to eat carrots because it was a food he did not like.

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What's more, the child -- who was locked in the room from about 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day -- was not allowed to use the bathroom.

Instead, he was forced to hide his bodily waste in a hole in the wall, lest his parents get mad.

There was also no light provided and there were no windows.

"The child reported he kept running into the walls while he was locked in the room because it was dark," says the warrant. "The child said he was scared to be in the room. The child reported seeing a mouse and spiders in the room and mouse feces on the floor."

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According to the Daily Herald, the 5-year-old was one of the Tobiassons’ adopted children.

The couple now faces one second-degree child abuse felony charge. They will be back in court on Sept. 14.

News of the crime enraged social media users.

"What goes on in these people's head, why would they think that this is acceptable [behavior], you wouldn't leave a dog locked up for this amount of time and it sleep where it dedicates, yet it seems to them that it's perfectly fine to abuse a child," wrote a reader on the Daily Mail's comment section.

"Why in this world are there monsters whom commit such vile [behavior], not much brings me to tears apart from reading nauseating material like this, how can we stop this how do we protect these children how do we protect anyone whom suffers like this," she added.

Sources: KSL, Daily HeraldDaily Mail / Featured Image: Kander/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Utah County Jail via KSL

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