Abused Pit Bull With Profane Brand Gets Surgery, Should Be Adopted This Week

A dog subjected to animal abuse just months after being born is getting a new lease on life thanks to a few kind souls.

Felicity, a six-month-old pit bull from Lexington, Kentucky, was found abandoned recently. It didn’t take long for authorities to notice she’d been branded with chemicals. For some twisted reason, her previous owner decided to brand the word “F*ck” into her skin.

After Felicity’s story was circulated, sympathetic readers donated over $3,500 to her cause. That money is now being used as a reward to help find the people who branded her.

The Lexington Humane Society agreed to perform a plastic surgery operation on Felicity free of charge. The surgery was a success, and the profane brand is no longer legible.

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 "We think doing plastic surgery on her will make her a little more adoptable and we don't want people to make judgments on her based on her appearance,” Humane Society director Ashley Hammond told WKYT.

Hammond says Felicity doesn’t seem to have any mental scars from the abuse she endured. Her sweet temperament has been on display for several weeks at the Humane Society shelter, where workers regularly take her for walks and provide basic obedience training.

The best news from all of this is that several people have come forward asking to adopt Felicity. The Humane Society plans to pick the best owner for her this week, and she’ll start her life in a new home soon after. 

Here's a short AP video covering Felicity's story:

Sources: WKYT, JRN


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