'Abraham Lincoln Was My Favorite Kind of Racist' Says MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry (Video)


MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry recently apologized after her Sunday panel joked about Mitt Romney's adopted black grandchild and the lack of diversity in the Republican Party.

According to Mediaite.com, there was another controversial moment on the same show (video below) when Harris-Perry talked about Abraham Lincoln.

Guest Jamie Kilstein started a discussion about how Republicans often use Abraham Lincoln as proof that their party is not racist.

"Republicans, their, like, biggest name-dropping thing, they always try to name-drop Abraham Lincoln," said Kilstein. "They’re like, ‘Tell my why Abraham Lincoln was a Republican?’”

“It’s like, yo, if that’s the last dude you have who wasn’t racist, back in the Civil War with the top hat, who was also kind of racist, you are in a terrible position,” added Kilstein.

At that point, Harris-Perry stated, “I will say, Abraham Lincoln was my favorite kind of racist. I really don’t care if you have bad emotions about me, if you end slavery, I’m all like ‘I do not care. Let's stay focused on that one.'”

In more Harris-Perry news, liberal Alan Colmes defended her show on his blog by claiming the widely-reported mockery about Mitt Romney's grandchild Kieran Romney was actually aimed at the GOP (video below).

"Nevertheless, the media, particularly the right-wing media, reported that the panel made fun of the baby, which isn’t what happened," Colmes wrote.

Sources: Alan.com and Mediaite.com


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