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Ignoring the Gun Research of Brady Allen

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Brady Allen is a student at Colorado State University (CSU).  As the Collegian, CSU’s student newspaper, reports: When the schools weapons policy became the subject of heated debate, Allen became concerned about the accuracy of information on both sides, and set out to do his own research.  His quest for knowledge resulted in a 12 page report to the CSU System Board of Governors that details the factual inaccuracies of the International Association of Law Enforcement Administrators’ (IACLEA) report justifying the Board’s decision.

If you’re not acutely familiar with modern academic bias, then it might surprise you to find out that despite promising to listen to student input, Allen’s report hasn’t been read by the Board of Governors.  As their spokesperson was so kind to explain “’The board respects the differing views, and understand that those views will not go away,’ … ‘Their mind is set.’”  So much for student opinion.

It should be extremely disturbing that a group of administrators could ignore a well-documented refutation of the IACLEA’s policy statement—a report that cites no sources for its dire predictions—all in order to justify their preconceived disdain for student rights.  The board never intended to listen to students.  They’ve plowed on relentlessly despite a CSU student government resolution requesting the school maintain its current policy which passed by 21-3, and despite the repeated discrediting of the IACLEA report by multiple organizations and individuals.

Even more ridiculous is the glaring double standard about to be imposed.  Reports indicate, and the Board of Governors acknowledged, exceptions could be made in the ban for law enforcement and armed protection of high profile visitors.  As usual, the administrators and their guests get to keep their protection while the students are rendered sitting ducks in the event of a tragedy.  This is very similar to the heinous decision to evacuate VA Tech administrators over an hour before the Norris Hall shooting without even attempting to sound the alarm for the rest of the campus population.

A gun ban didn’t work at Virginia Tech.  It didn’t work at Northern Illinois University.  It didn’t work at Fort Hood where our own military isn’t allowed to carry weapons through their day-to-day routine.  It didn’t work at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, and it failed at NIU again just days ago.  If these administrators truly want to protect students, then why would they push through a discredited policy that has failed time and time again?

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