Abducted Jogger Skips Town With Family, Leaves Dogs

The Redding, California, mother who was missing for three weeks has reportedly left town with her family but did not take their two dogs.

Sherri Papini was abducted by force on Nov. 2 while jogging near her home.

“She didn’t get into a vehicle on her own,” Sherri’s husband Keith Papini told Matt Gutman on “Good Morning America,” according to People.

For more than 20 days, the mother of four-year-old Tyler and two-year-old Violet was missing and “literally living through hell,” Keith said.

Sherri was branded, beaten, and had her nose broken while being held, and lost about 15 percent of her body weight.

On Nov. 24, Sherri was found with a bag over her head and chains around her wrist and waist on a roadside about 150 miles from her home.

“Her spine was sticking out, like a large clock with gears sticking out of it,” Keith said of the first time he hugged Sherri after she was found. 

Sherri told investigators that she encountered two Hispanic women while in captivity. They were allegedly armed, drove a dark-covered SUV, and only spoke Spanish. The authorities are still searching for the women.

Sherri and her family are staying at an undisclosed location, and reportedly left behind their two dogs at their Redding home.

A “buddy of Keith’s” who was at the home on Dec. 3 told a New York Post reporter that he was there to “walk the dogs.”

With the smaller dog on a leash, Keith’s friend said he could not answer any questions.

“I’m going to walk her now,” he said, adding that he was “just helping out.”

“I don’t think they’re ever coming back here again,” a neighbor of the family, who has known Keith since he was five years old, said.

Keith told Gutman that the idea of returning to their home is so traumatic that they may never go back, People reports.

“Sherri may be free, but she is still haunted by the abduction,” Gutman said.

“When lights are off, when doors shut, when she hears certain sounds, I mean it’s something that I don’t know how to deal with, and we’ll need somebody who can help her through that from a professional standpoint,” Keith said in an interview with “20/20.”

Sherri has not been seen in public since she was found.

Sources: People, New York Post / Photo source: Shasta County Sheriff's Office via New York Post

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